colorful pop up cards, postcards,

books and sewing cases

for people who love unique and special gifts !



Pinkepinke helps you to bring back the joy in getting mail and giving one-of-a-kind keepsake gifts.

Pinkepinke knows colors make people smile and feel happy and wants to share that with you, so YOU can spread the joy and happiness to your loved ones.

You get handmade unique creations with an eye for detail and quality.
Most of the papers worked with are created by handstamping, monoprinting, painting.. by Pinkepinke.

These papers are then turned into pop up cards, books, needlecases, you get unique, one-of-a-kind gifts you can't find anywhere else.

Postcards and the postcards sets help you to always have a colorful card in the house whenever you need one.
To reflect the details of the original creations, Pinkepinke gets the sturdy postcards printed by MOO ( a UK compagny) known for their excellent quality and printing so they arrive in perfect condition to your loved ones.

Pinkepinke books are a joy to look at, but of course they were made to be filled by you with photo's, drawings, stories,...and become memory keepsakes.

The needlebooks, made with handmade fabricpaper makes the sewing life easier by keeping all kinds of needles in one place and they are easy to find back because of the bold colors !

I'm a former teacher of children with severe disabilities and always used my creative mind and hands to give them a happier/ easier life. They learned me to work with focus and take time to evolve. 

These skills and all the creative education I followed ( including bookbinding), are reflected in what Pinkepinke can offer you !


Any medium is good for me and Pinkepinke, as long as I can create something with my hands AND it's colorful !


The blog of Pinkepinke is a small reflection of who I am, where I live, what I do and create,... and gives you an insight in the creator behind Pinkepinke;


I love to be inspired by others and I hope you get inspired by Pinkepinke when you look at the photos, read the blogposts and see the creations Pinkepinke offers.


greetings from Belgium



instagram: @pinkepinkecreative

facebook: Pinkepinke