I ‘ve always been creative.

As a daughter of a mom who draws, paints,...me and my sister inherited her creative genes and were given the opportunity to experiment with all kinds of creative supplies. Even as an 11 year old girl, I was allowed to sew my own barbieclothes with my mothers sewing machine.

Since my children were born I made most of their clothes myself so they are one of a kind. Saint-Nicolas brought each 6 december new fantasyclothes, made with my help...


Where does my brand "pinkepinke" comes from ? ...


When my eldest son was 1 year old, I went to a folkfestival with him. Because of the heat he spent the night at my parents.

Looking with my sister to the moon, the same moon I saw at the same moment so we were connected, a plane passed through the nightsky


.Its lights blinked in the night and Freek said : “pinkepinke”.


Since then my mark is an “old aeroplane and pinkepinke”.


Everything I make is labeled with pinkepinke.


I'm a mixed-media artist, which means for me that I combine all the techniques and materials I learned from childhood on and I still love to discover new ways of creating.


I make handmade cards ( and I'm really addicted to mechanical cards..), I love to make books from scratch which also involves making my own decorative papers, I love to crochet tiny things and put them in soldered pendants, I sew and make harlequins, softies for children,..



Any medium is good for me, as long as I can create something with my hands AND it is colorful !


My blog is a small reflection who I am, where I live, what I do and create,...

I love to be inspired by others and hope that when you  take a look at my photos and my blogposts you will be inspired too! 


greetings from Belgium


instagram: @pinkepinkecreative






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