who am I  ?


I am Inge Bekaert,a girl from the sixties (1966...)

I live in a small town near Ghent in Belgium in Europe.

I met my husband at a Peacecamp and am married since 1987 with Wienne. We have  3 cool grown-ups: son Freek, daughters Arianna and Gaia.


Our family is not complete without the seven cats in our home, but we also have 2 chickens not mentioning the fairies, gnomes and unicorns ...in the house and the garden...


In the past years I renovated and decorated my house built in 1924 with  lots of colours,art nouveau and fantasy inspired designs, recycled furniture ,small knick-knacks,... 

I have been a teacher of the Poppyclass for almost 30 years, a class with children with severe disabilities, a dreamjob I did with whole my heart.

After fighting for 28 years against fibromyalgia and CFS I was put on early retirement.


Being creative in my good, active moments of the day keeps me sane and positive.

Art really saved my life and although my life went another way than I intented to, it's a chance for a second life.


 My creative room is in the veranda with sight on the garden. My husband is a modelscaler and has his little corner too...


I do have some addictions...

  • chocolat...
  • a hot cappucino with a dot of cold cream
  • fantasy : witches, fairies, gnomes, dragons,...
  • stamps 
  • books
  • colors : all purple tones, but also warm orange and yellow, limegreen, azurblue, Greek blue,... as long as they are bright and sparkle ! 
  • I NEED colors in my life, my home, my clothes... to make me feel alive



greetings from Belgium



instagram: @pinkepinkecreative

facebook: Pinkepinke