13. januari 2020
Poppies everywhere... ceramic poppies in the house for winter, poppy postcards to send happy mail... and what it means to me..
workshops · 29. september 2019
new workshops !
popupcards · 09. februari 2018
New year, new intentions or renewed intentions... I really want to give my blog a new chance, cause I always loved writing these stories. People who followed me in the past, know I struggle with fibromyalgie and CVS since 25 years. After 5 years of crashing I'm still at home and I probably will never be able to work at my passionjob again: teacher of the Poppyclass with children with severe disabilities... At first, life seemed to get on hold, but now after 2 years I found a new rhythm in life...
19. april 2017
I'm crazy for mechanical cards and popupcards. For a while now... This year all the people that get a real birthdaycard from me, get these popup boxcards.
14. april 2017
I'm back.. I think so... I hope so... But not sure if I make promises again as I did past year.. It's more than a year ago since I blogged... not that I didn't want to, but the beast that CFS and fybromyalgia is, ate more of my life then I wanted. Lots have happened in the past year ! I'm still sick at home and not in my dreamjob in my Poppyclass with severely handicapped children. There has been panic for months that I would not be able to go back to school. And I will probably never be able...
17. januari 2016
paper flower, boucquet, wedding, paper, paint, gelliplate, monoprinting, blue, green,orange
Almost a year ago I was invited by a friend and ex-collegue to have a dinner with some other ex-collegues. Just a nice, chatty get-together.. But my friend brought her computer and without saying anything she showed us a hidden board on her Pinterest.. Everyone started yelling, laughing,... She was going to get married !!! My friend has been a single mom for about 8 years and there was only one "emptiness" in her life: someone who loved her and her son ànd whom she could give àll her love....
11. januari 2016
I've been quiet on the online world for 1,5 year...I'm sorry for the persons who kept visiting but saw nothing new on my blog ! Allow me to give some explanation about my "dissappearance".. Followers of my blog could read in some blogposts the physical struggle I had the past 5 year. I have fybromyalgia since 1993 and it has always been a struggle against the constant pain and tiredness. Sick or not, feeling exhausted or not.. I never missed a day in the years before 2011 to be in my Poppyclass...
02. januari 2016
"Everyone can be a light in the life of another living being.. I hope a lot of twinklelights make 2016 brighter ! It's a wish for you and a promise I'll try again to be a twinklelight.. It's not always easy and a commitment every day... but I will also try not to forget selfcare this year ;) greetings from Belgium Inge
18. augustus 2014
My mom loves Poppies, just like me and for her birthday I made her next to her Poppycard, also a white Poppycabinet...
10. augustus 2014
I love poppies... after all I'm with a reason the teacher of the Poppyclass ànd here in Belgium the red poppy has a special meaning, remember WW1...

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