18. mei 2014
No more children, no more teenagers... adults in the house !
26. maart 2014
I need healing thoughts...
19. maart 2014
I have my own little heaven on earth...
02. maart 2014
We had some birthdays the past 2 months in our family. Some are from the men in my life.. so a challenge to make a card :)
14. februari 2014
I got a sweet textmessage from Ellen, my collegue this morning to wish all the people she loves a happy day... I first thought: " why today ? " I guess I was NOT awake yet :)
04. februari 2014
When I have the energy, I try to create... and bit by bit creative projects get finished this way :) I created some little "lighthouses" the past weeks...
25. januari 2014
"Home again, home again..." a beautiful song from Michael Kiwanuka.
01. januari 2014
As a lot of children with their New Year's letter on the first day of the new year, I'm here with my wishes for you !
19. november 2013
It's really autumn here in Belgium, not a sunny one which makes all the changing colors burn, but dark, grey, rainy, cold... no sun since 2 weeks...
31. oktober 2013
Halloween might be over, we enjoy this season some more days and my daughter Gaia has a party at our house this evening :)

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