2022.. There is always light.. BE the light..

colorful creative handmade new years card with paper flowers and poppies, original artwork printed by MOO
new years card 2022 , handmade original, printed by MOO


"There is always light

If only you are brave enough

to see it

If only you are brave enough

to BE it"


When Amanda Gorman recited her poem in january 2021 I was moved to tears.

I live in Belgium, but her words, spoken out loud in the USA, with grace and movement and conviction, reached also my heart and soul, just as they did for many people.


Her words have been a guidance through 2021.


Past years have been heavy in our home due to losses of family, illness, the pandemic we are all in worldwide, the polarisation, the climatecrisis.... but although life was challenging, there was always hope, I always saw a light in the opportunities and in the people who came on my path.




glass globe, glass dome, secret garden, handmade 3D vignette, stamps Tim Holtz, flowers, ledlights
dreams in glass : the secret garden


After 15 years I finally am able to work in the garden again!


It's an and-and-and story, but I feel I'm healing ( not cured..) after fighting chronic illness ( fibromyalgia, CFS and 2 auto-immunediseases... for 26 years..).


I feel like a kid in my garden, my secret garden ! 

Lots have happened, lots have changed, lots is shared...




glass globe, glass dome, handmade 3D vignette, Tim Holtz stamps, distress inks, ledlights, custom order
back of the "dreams in glass" : the secret garden


One of my intentions of 2022 is to pick up my blog again and share with you fun and colorful creations, how to live a creative life, how you can transform a lawn into a local share-garden/ edible forest garden and build community,  how fear and anxiety and being paralized can be changed into deep concern and hope and activism to make this world a better world for all and for the coming generations.


My New years card for 2022 is a call to action for you all: 


"See the light

BE the light!"


greetings from Belgium


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