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ooak handmade photobook with labels

Time flies... and life changes...


My life has changed a lot the past years. Due to chronic illness I struggle with for 26 years I'm not a teacher anymore at my Poppyclass with children with severe disabilities.


It was hard to accept I could not do my passionjob anymore after 30 years.


The past years I worked a lot on my health which mostly means "listen to my body" immediately and not wait until it crashes..;)


I'm better than I have been in a long time. I live again and don't survive life anymore.


I also discovered I am a teacher in heart and soul ( and a forever student..) and that's what I still want to do but in another setting.

#workshop #gelliprint #gelliarts #monoprint #fabricprinting #pinkepinke
workshop with children and adults in a local heritage project

Sometimes when a door closes, more doors open.. I just have to choose which one to go through ! 


I followed workshops myself, I met people who asked me to give workshops as a volunteer in a local heritage project... and that made me feel a teacher again !


In the meantime Pinkepinke, my expensive hobby since 30 years... is transformed into a real official sidebusiness! Now I have to learn a lot to be a real creative entrepreneur ;)



#photobook #handmadebook #monoprint #gelliprint #workshop #pinkepinke
photobook made with gelliprints

And now I'm asked by a local librarian to give a workshop at her open-door of Lettergek


Next sunday I teach 2 workshops monoprinting with the gelliplate.

Of course we will start with experimenting this tool and techniques and having fun in the process.

In this workshop people will not only make monoprints, but make a one-of-a-kind photobook and labels.


They will learn some of the first techniques of bookbinding : making covers and perfect corners ;)

I love to teach people how to let go and go with the flow, but also to teach how to be precise.


Details can make or break a project.. or at least make a difference ! ;)


The students will learn all this in 3,5 hours in a workshop where they go home with a unique photobook, completely in their colors and their patterns.


They can keep it for themself, give it away as a gift.. or why not make more of these at home for holidaypresents ? ( with photos of the children and grandchildren ;).


In the workshop everything is included , also a very detailed worksheet how to make a photobook in accordeonfold.

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flyer workshop photobook / fotoboek

If you are from the area and want to spent a relaxing workshop coming sunday, feel free to contact me at pinkepinke@telenet.be


If you are from elsewhere in the world ? I'll share what the students made !! 


greetings from Belgium


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    Carol (donderdag, 26 december 2019 23:39)

    Inge, will you have another workshop soon?


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