a handmade typography cabinet...

typography bottle
typography bottle

Making something from almost nothing... thàt's what I love about creating..:)

Do you remember that I told you in my previous blogpost about a big box full of "throw-away" cardboardboxes ? 


Well... here she is..

My husband once said : "never marry a teacher... you can't imagine the amount of stuff they bring home".

After 27 years of marriage.. HE is the one who brings stuff home for me..I think I got him infected...LOL


As soon as I saw these boxes I was happy he didn't threw them in the recyclingcontainer.

Such nice cardboardboxes.. I immediatley knew I could do something with them.


I already upcycled some of them into "cabinets", but here is the promised 4th project : a Graphic 45 typography cabinet...



typography Graphic 45 cabinet
typography Graphic 45 cabinet

I used the cardboardbox as the big cabinet and made 3 little cardboardboxes myself with a sheet of sturdy cardboard.


I covered them all in Graphic 45 papers and washitape.

typography cabinet from the side
typography cabinet from the side

Here you have a sight on the sides of the cabinet.


On one side the text "typgraphy" which I covered in 3 layers of UTEE.

On the right you see the closure I made with a hitchfastener from Tim Holtz and a leather strap I cut with his "metal findings"die.


I cut a rectangle out of the cover and placed a plastic packaging sheet  between that and another piece of cardboard.

The cabinet now has it's "glass"-door and can be closed.


I added some stamps and rub-ons on the plastic to add some interest, but it doesn't blur the view.

used pencil box
used pencil box

My mom draws and paints... She uses pencils a lot until they are almost gone.

Then she put them in a glass jar...

Understand now where my "hoarding" comes from ?....:)


She gave the little glass container to me so I could do something with them.

These little stumps are perfect for my typography box ! 

I glued them down so they could stand up in one of the little boxes on top of the cabinet.

collecting typography boxes
collecting typography boxes

In the larger box on top of the cabinet I added some metal parts of an old typemachine I have. It's a bit broke, but I couldn't throw these parts in the bin.

My savings gave me a perfect embellishment for  this box!


On the left you can also see a metal number of Tim Holtz covered in paper.

inside the typography cabinet
inside the typography cabinet

When you open the box, there is a little collection of stuff I had in my drawers: an old wooden numberstamp,  a datestamp, metal stampletters, inkpens,  a glass inkbottle,...

inside details typography cabinet
inside details typography cabinet

I also resized the typewriterprint to fit the box.( see for the link on Etsy in my previous blogpost if you are interested. She has lots of other nice paperstuff too)

typography bottle
typography bottle

In one of my vintage dictionaries I found the explanation of the word typography.

I tore it out, made a small roll of it and put it in a glass bottle (Tim Holtz)

The bottle was aged with crackle paint and alchoholinks.


These cabinets are such fun to make.

I already made 8 of them...with different themes, gelliprinted papers, bits of my  stash finally find a visual place outside of my drawers...


I'll show you more of them in the future.


In the meantime... dig in your cardboardboxes and stuff and create one for yourself ! 


greetings from Belgium


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  • #1

    zoe (zondag, 03 augustus 2014 18:07)

    Inge ... This is so much fun. Love that your mum and hubby collect items for you. After years I think my mum has started to understand after I stayed over for a while and took my art box with me to fill time being creative.
    The pencils are a perfect touch.

  • #2

    Jocelyn (zondag, 03 augustus 2014 20:49)

    That's very cool! I'm a box hoarder myself.

  • #3

    Monique Stam (maandag, 04 augustus 2014 15:30)

    I want to see all 8! wonderful! Fun! Thank you for putting a smile on my face today

  • #4

    Dorothy (dinsdag, 05 augustus 2014 11:28)


  • #5

    Laurel S. (dinsdag, 05 augustus 2014 12:17)

    Absolutely amazing project Inge!

  • #6

    Marjie Kemper (donderdag, 07 augustus 2014 01:26)

    Inge, these are fabulous! Such wonderful transformations. I really love the one with your mom's teensy pencils... super!!

  • #7

    Cindi (zondag, 10 augustus 2014 18:20)

    Love your work, you have such great vision, Inge!

  • #8

    Paula (woensdag, 21 januari 2015 23:04)

    These are so beautiful dear Inge. I love all the special details and the pencils and crackled bottle are fantastic! Xx


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