happy 21 !!!

No more children, no more teenagers... adults in the house ! 

21 years ago, a little girl was born at home : my daughter " Gaia" ! 


She was born at home in the presence of my housedoctor Bruno and midwife Geert, brother Freek ( then 4 years old) and Aran ( 2 years old) were there too, accompagnied by my mom-in-law.

She lost her first baby after 3 days and had a very difficult delivery of my husband Wienne, so she was thrilled to be witness to a normal birth ànd the birth of her granddaughter.


I couldn't have done it without my husband Wienne, who was there all the time and on 18 may 1993, at 18.36 there she was : a tiny girl with lots of black hair ! 


Of course giving birth is intense but it was a good, very peaceful birth in our own house. All good memories...


I wrote the text on her birthcard to reflect this moment.


On the front of the card was a drawing, made by a friend where little creatures look into the circle to see her name "Gaia".


Her name means : "the earth as a godess" and I'm still very fond of her special name :)

In a blink of an eye 21 years have passed... and she was my last teenager until today ! 


Now I have adult children... does this means I'm old now ?:)


As a birthdaypresent we went with her in april to a convent in Bonn, Germany:  Hobbitcon, ALL about the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings...


But I could not pass her birthday without another present and I got her a photo-cake.


She was photomodel for a friend, Marieke De Bodt,  who's studying photography and I took one of these colorful photo's.


Gaia changed her black hairs from her birth a lot the past years, but she's still a special one :)

I also made her a flying easelcard.


As she's creative and draws and paints a lot I made her a card in her pinks and blues and with paintbrushes.

"because you're special...21..."

I enjoyed my daughter as a little child, as a teenager and now I'm enjoying her seeing her go her own path in life as an adult.


I hope we can have YEARS together to enjoy !! 


Big kisses and hugs my daughter ! 


greetings from Belgium


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    Sue (dinsdag, 20 mei 2014 02:21)

    Congratulations, what a beautiful girl! They grow up so fast.

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    Monica (dinsdag, 20 mei 2014 04:49)

    Hi Inge
    Congrats with your daughters birthday. Yes it's a great and special day when our "smallest" kid turns 21 and all by a sudden is an adult.
    Nice to hear you started a bit of work too.... AND enjoying it !!
    Sending hugs to you.... Monica ( spain)


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