needed: healing thoughts...

I need healing thoughts...

I could use some healing thoughts sometimes, but I'm not asking them for me but for little baby Ruth...

Little baby Ruth is the niece of one of my collegues.

She is born on the 24 th of february and as a proud aunt, my collegue told us all about the little new girl in the family.


Past sunday I got a devastating textmessage: "if I could make something for the parents of Ruth because on friday, two days before she became 1 month old, she was diagnozed with acute leucemia..."


A routine investigation suddenly turned the life of this young family completely upside down in an instant..


She has some chance to survive and hopefully she does, but it will be a very tough long road..



I don't believe in any god since a long time, but I still do believe in people...

Very skilled doctors, nurses with angelhands, people and friends who can support the family and help them carry this heavy burden,... but I also believe in the energy between people... even if they don't know someone personally, I want to believe that positive thoughts can help, whatever help this may be. 


So, I need healing thoughts of you all...keep this little baby and her family in your mind and heart..

How could I make something for this family that expresses how I feel about their grieve, how can I , as a stranger for them, mean something for them..?


I have my muse and my I made a little lantern, based on the birthcard of Ruth...

luminary fawn
luminary fawn

Ruths birthcard has white dots on a blue background, pink words and roses  and a little retro fawn.


I wanted the lantern to reflect this card.

The little fawn represents Ruth for me and hopefully she's strong... just like Bambi..


Inside I added a  white heart : white because she's just such a little innocent baby. 

A 3D heart made from honeycombpaper... 3D because a heart is "full" and although she's here on earth for just one month, she's in the heart of many people.


Ruth has a little big sister of 3 years old... I added a battery operated candle, so whenever they want it, this big sister can light the candle.


The words "gaarne zien" mean " love and being loved"

For the moment this family's life looks like a dark forest, but hopefully they can see the light now and then between the trees and the leaves.


I added the word "kracht", Dutch for "strenght", cause that's what they will need a lot.

A rose has beauty, but torns too... just like life..


But when the torns hurt ... it's better to carry the burden with other people... this family should not carry this all alone and I know they won't have to.

3 D luminary
3 D luminary

The lantern is on a little heartplate and surrounded by other little animals, representing all the people, wherever they come from, whoever they are... who wants to surround this family by being there physically or in heart and mind.


I put a piece of myself in this lantern... and hope it helps..


greetings from Belgium


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    Cathy Parlitsis (woensdag, 26 maart 2014 17:37)

    I will certainly keep Ruth and her family in my thoughts and prayers. Your beautiful tribute will be greatly appreciated by the family, I'm sure. Sending hugs to you as well.

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    Donna (woensdag, 26 maart 2014 20:41)

    Inge this is amazing and so much thought and love! I am sending healing thoughts and prayers for little baby Ruth. Bless her and her family.

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    leen (woensdag, 26 maart 2014 22:33)

    Inge, zo ontroerend mooi wat je deed. Ik hoop dat het goed mag gaan met kleine Ruth. Veel sterkte aan de ouders.

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    Deb (donderdag, 27 maart 2014 03:45)

    your story touched my heart with your love of this child and the faith you have. I too will keep this sweet baby and her family in my heart and hope that my god will listen to my prayers for this child to be healed.
    You are also in my heart as I know how caring you are, and that is expressed deeply in the beautiful lantern you made

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    Lisa H (donderdag, 27 maart 2014 05:18)

    I will pray for them and baby Ruth. What a difficult time for them. I am sure they will very much appreciate your concern and the luminary you made them.

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    Elena Vigil-Farinas (zaterdag, 29 maart 2014 05:08)

    Sending thoughts of love and healing yo this sweet innocent baby.


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