my own little heaven on earth...

I have my own little heaven on earth...

and I was sooooo happy today to return to it today...


Some of you saw me on facebook yesterdayevening...:)


I'm almost never on photos and never take a selfie, but how I looked yesterdayevening... well, I needed to share this with you..


Relativating yourself isn't a bad thing..;)


On the left is how I looked from 4 PM to 10 PM.

On the right how I looked when they expected me to start sleeping at 10 PM..


I didn't leave my room.. did't want to scare someone ! 

The reason for this outfit is that I had to do a sleep-monitoring-test (or how do you call such thing...) in the hospital.


I'm a bad sleeper since years and pain is a huge cause of it.

Having trouble with my energy more and more and crashing now and then ( I'm home from work since december..), my doctor said it was time to check my sleephabits and sleeppattern.


I had lots of sweet and funny comments on my selfie and a lot of you also wished me a good night.


Well... it was a rubbish night...getting awake several times, having to pee twice ( and I had to ring the nightnurse to disengage me from the monitoring..), waiting for the nightfairy to come, but she was visiting other people...and when I was finally asleep, the nightnurse came to wake me up putting the big lights on, because there were some problems with bad connections...I knew when the sun was coming up, cause I heard the I guess I wasn't sleeping around 5 AM..


Well... rubbish night...awake at 7 AM,  but still tired, high heartritme, headache... but I was happy.


Mission accomplished !! 


Image you sleep like a baby on a moment like that !


This was a night like I have a lot at home, so I really hope they see something and can give me good advice or help for a more energy-giving and recuperative sleep.

There is always hope :)


Although there was a cold breeze, the sun was shining when I went home and I felt happy.


Back to my little heaven on earth : my house ànd my garden.





For almost two weeks now we have real sunny days and even the temperatures are warm for spring.


This means I dive in my outside bed twice a day to regain some energy.

I don't sleep, but I close my eyes, feel the wind, hear the birds,...


At noon the sun peeks through the white blossoms of the old tree and gives a little warmth.


In the evening, I can see the sky change colors when the sun starts her sundown, birds are twittering and singing and when the sun is gone, they are suddenly quiet..

Of course I still need a blanket, but a cat also keeps me warm..


And when the night falls, the lights in my garden are lit : my "path of Alice in Wonderland" and little solarlights.

This is the sight I have when I'm in my outside bed...


I love the solarlights of Ikea and have them in several places in my garden.


Past week I found new ones : BIRDS ! 

When I can't see and hear the real birds anymore, these little ones give me some light.


I have put them on the wall next to my outsidebed between the ivy.


Chilling out in my outside bed... my own little heaven on earth :)


greetings from Belgium


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    zoe (donderdag, 20 maart 2014 06:48)

    Inge... hope the doctors have some good data now after all that. Garden bed looks a great place to relax... wish I could escape to your fairy grotto to gather my energies toooo...

    Huge hugs


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