tattered flowers go... Gaudi !

I've always loved Gaudi ...

I fell in love with Gaudi's creations years ago. This total-artist was a Catalan Spanish architect who lived more then 100 years ago, but his work is still alive and in progress.

You can read more about him here and google for images of his work.


His unique use of left over tiles, bottles,... and how he incorporated them in the decoration of his creations is beyond imagination. 

I love his use of colors, colorcombinations, fluid designs, ... inspired by nature ( he's one of the most famous Art nouveau artists).

He was not "just an architect" but a total artist who had eye for the design of the doors, the furniture, the doorknobs, the sitting places, the shadow places in the garden...





When we moved 19 years ago in our old house from 1924  I wanted to do something in my house inspired by his mosaics.


I used glassmosaics to make a frame for my plain bathroommirror.

I also made a mosaictop to put the lights in above the sink...


An artnouveaudrawing of waterlillies was my inspiration and I cut this out of bendable wood, so I could adjust this to a rounded board.

Then I covered it with my leftover glasstiles, pieces of old tiles and broken mirrors.


I'm still proud of my first Gaudicreation :)

Second creation is my chickenrun.. 

When my kids were small I let them draw on the walls and painted their drawings in white paint.


Then I started filling in the spaces with broken and left over tiles, cupboards, plates and mirrors..

It's still a work in progress, but hey... Gaudi's Sagrada Familia is also not finished yet :)


I have had the luck to visit Barcelona once a few years ago and visit the Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, casa Mila, casa Battlo,...


My hope is to once return to Barcelona and dive into his creations once more..


In the meantime Gaudi keeps on inspiring me in smaller projects...


When Tim Holtz posted his Tattered Flowers Challenge, I wanted to participate. 

Finding time was an issue, but when the days flew by, finding the right inspiration was a bigger issue.


So many people already created so many beautiful and unique projects, that it was hard to find "my project".


And then suddenly, the muse and Gaudi got me inspired...

I had a workshop at home yesterday and one of the techniques was how to make unique embellishments for your cards instead of buying them. 

One technique was one that Tim showed a while ago : making a mosaic piece...


After the workshop my head started spinning...


I cut out the flowershapes with the tattered flowerdie from  heavy paper covered with doublesided tape and cut small pieces from left over scraps.

When I decorate papers myself with paint, inks, sprays,... there are always leftovers too nice to throw away.


These handmade papers add something more because they are not "flat" but there are already different "layers" in them.



I covered the different flowersshapes with the small pieces.

For "grout" I used different embossingpowders: I used both adirondack embossingpowders as distress powders. They just give a different look and feeling.


I then covered the different pieces with 4 layers of UTEE...


This transformed the pieces of paper into " ceramic decorations"

I punched holes in the "selfmade button" and the flowers and sewed them together.



I glued a pin on the back and voila...

... a tattered flowers Gaudi-inspired brooch ! :)



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  • #1

    Mary-Beth (zondag, 17 maart 2013 16:53)

    Fabulous piece, Inge! So original!

  • #2

    Beverly S (zondag, 17 maart 2013 18:40)

    Inge, this is absolutely fabulous! Your take on the challenge is unique and quite stunning. PS: Every time I visit your blog I am so impressed and inspired by your art. Thanks so much for sharing :D

  • #3

    Claudine (zondag, 17 maart 2013 18:52)

    Beautiful flower Inge

  • #4

    Cindi Estes (zondag, 17 maart 2013 18:53)

    These are drop dead gorgeous, Inge!

  • #5

    Paula (zondag, 17 maart 2013 19:14)

    OH OH Oh they are SO amazing! LOVE these. Very very clever! xx

  • #6

    Deb Ring (zondag, 17 maart 2013 19:17)

    how wonderful! these are very cool looking

  • #7

    Stephen (zondag, 17 maart 2013 19:19)

    WOW.... Incredible work as always

  • #8

    Phoenix Ewing (zondag, 17 maart 2013 20:12)

    Ah Inge, You've done it again. Beautiful and unique!

  • #9

    Lisa H (zondag, 17 maart 2013 20:18)

    Brilliant!!!!! Gaudi was indeed an interesting artist. I love how his work inspired your flowers. Bravo! so creative

  • #10

    Terrie (zondag, 17 maart 2013 21:19)

    Oh Inge I LOVE your interpretation of the Tattered Floral Challenge! I think its the most unique that I have seen! I keep trying to get my challenge piece done, but so far all I have done is pull out what I want to use. Life just keeps interfering and there just aren't enough hours in the day lately.
    Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • #11

    Stacy (zondag, 17 maart 2013 21:20)

    Wonderful mosaic flowers!!

  • #12

    Amy* (zondag, 17 maart 2013 22:34)

    This is such an innovative take on the Tattered Florals challenge! So creative to make mosaic flowers with pretty papers from past projects... And using the embossing powder as grout is pure genius! Thanks for sharing this inspiring work of art!


  • #13

    Marita Kovalik (maandag, 18 maart 2013 08:19)

    You never fail to amaze me!!! How fun .... love your mosaic work....especially the bathroom and your wall of childrens paintings in mosaic....

  • #14

    Karen (maandag, 18 maart 2013 22:15)

    Very clever Inge, and beautiful too!

  • #15

    Bethan (maandag, 18 maart 2013 23:04)

    you are wonderfully inspiring Inge! I have been to s
    Sagrade Familia...think you've captured the whole effect!x

  • #16

    Winnie (dinsdag, 19 maart 2013 01:38)

    Just BEAUTIFUL! I love your mosaic work on this lovely broach! What a fun place to get inspiration!

  • #17

    bunnyfreak (vrijdag, 22 maart 2013 17:31)

    What a clever idea. Love the mosaic look.


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