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What did I say in my last blogpost ? No winter yet ?...

Yesterdayevening it started snowing here in Belgium and this morning I woke up in a white world !! 


Forgive me my excitement, but we don't have snow often and yes, I'm scared to go driving with the car,but... I'm still glad as a child there is snow ! 


I arrived safely at my school this morning and I had survey on the playground before school started...


Snow everywhere.... The children from my school with a mental handicap were also over the moon with the snow...


How can you teach them how you make a snowman ?

By making one yourself !!


We started making huge snowballs but then the bell rang : time to go to class...


In the morning I normally had two hours for paperwork in which I don't have children at that moment...


Should I ... would I.... yes... I do...:)


I grabbed a shawl, some bottlecaps, rubberboots,  searched for twigs in the garden of the institute and  I finished the snowman we had started in the morning and the one I had pinned from Pinterest.

As soon as I had seen this snowman on Pinterest, I had promised myself : " IF it snows in Belgium...I'll make this one..."


Lots of laughs and excitement when the children got back from the classes to the playyard...

They had a snowman and he looked like this...!!!!






A snowman standing on his head ! Or is he doing gymnastics ?...


I had so much fun in seeing their faces.


Pinterest and this link brought some extra joy in our schoolday ! 

I love you Pinterest !!! 



a 46 year old who sometimes act like a child...but enjoys it ! ;)

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  • #1

    Julie (dinsdag, 15 januari 2013 21:40)

    o for fun!!!!! cute idea, thanks made my day!

  • #2

    Paula (dinsdag, 15 januari 2013 22:10)

    Yippee! Yippee! Inge, What FUN!!!xxx

  • #3

    Bethan (dinsdag, 15 januari 2013 22:26)


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    Lisa H (woensdag, 16 januari 2013 01:53)

    That is so cute!! I love the idea and I how fun for the kids. =) Bravo!

  • #5

    Marjie Kemper (woensdag, 16 januari 2013 01:58)

    Oh, Inge... this is FABULOUS!

  • #6

    Sue Fraser (woensdag, 16 januari 2013 02:13)

    Inge I love this. Looks like so much fun!! Definitely brought a smile to my face.

  • #7

    Jocelyn (woensdag, 16 januari 2013 08:04)

    LOV the upside down snowman. WE also live in an area that get's little snow unless you drive 2 hours up into the mountains. But if we eve get snow this winter I'm going suggest this to the grandsons.

  • #8

    Marita Kovalik (woensdag, 16 januari 2013 21:03)

    Too cute and so original! Others viewing your yard will know a creative person lives there!

  • #9

    Elena Vigil-Farinas (woensdag, 16 januari 2013 21:05)


  • #10

    Nikie (vrijdag, 18 januari 2013 07:36)

    Love it!

  • #11

    Wendy Kirk (vrijdag, 18 januari 2013 14:47)

    Brilliant Inge, only you could think of making an upside down one.


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