thanks 2012, welcome 2013 !

I hope 2012 was a good year for you.


I wish 2013 may bring you lots of happy days, strenght to go on when it's tough, people close to you to surround you and the ability to savour the good things every day.

My new-years-cards are handmade. 


It's about 10 years I make them myself and I always make them in ATC size and in hues of blue and white.


I cut this years ATC's as a double ATC with Tim Holtz "ATC and corners die".

On the outside I embossed with an embossing folder that lookes like "firework-outbursts".


On bluecolored paper I glittered with stickles. The numbers were then cut out with a cuttlebug alphabetdie. Because of the doublesided tape I put on the back before cutting, they are very easy to stick down.


The meaning of the front size of the card is that I wish a "sparkling" 2013 to everyone ! 


When you pull the card open... well ... a snowman pops up ! 

Because of my addiction to pop-ups this year I couldn't make another newyearscard then this one ! 


Although there is hardly snow here in Belgium in winter, using a snowman expresses my hope we can at least make one this winter and enjoy the snow like only children can ( I know... snow can be boring too...)


A cold snowman, but "warme wensen" ( Dutch for "warm wishes") and a sparkling snowflake finishes the inside off.


On the back of the ATC I write my personal message for everyone.

I do admit I don't send hundreds of cards, only about 30 I think, but I always include a personal message.

My biggest present the past days was my son Freek who came home on saterday after 4 months studying in Finland ! 


I tried not to cry when I saw him in the airport, but tears welled up and I completely ruined his "arrival-photo" ( totally blurred...LOL)


Freek had an unique experience the past four months : studying abroad, making lots of international friends ( so you see, it's people who create borders between people, but there can be bridges built also ! )


Past week he traveled 900 km with the train from Helsinki to Lapland ( Suomi land).

He was invited to celebrate christmaseve in the home of Leevi, a student he met in Helsinki, but who lives in Rovaniemi in Lapland.


What an unique experience : celebrating christmas in Santaland :)

On sunday we celebrated christmaseve and New years eve together in our home : family completed :)


That's what it's all about : make your own life, stretch your wings and fly, but know there is always a home you can return to...


XOXO from Belgium


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    Gina Goodling (maandag, 31 december 2012 19:55)

    Here's hoping snow will fall in Begium, Inge! Your Snowman ATC and the warm wishes for a Sparkling New Year are happily receievd here in the United States, and the same to you and yours, also!
    So happy that to hear that your son Freek could make it home for the holidays, too. Sounds like he is having a wonderful adventure with his studies in Finland. We have a friend who taking graduate course at the University of Norway in Oslo, I believe. It's great to have those opportunities to travel and make new friends and learn about others and their cultures. Keep up the beautiful and inspiring artwork, Inge!
    XXO Gina
    PS SO sorry to hear about the loss of your pet. They are like family to all of us, aren't they.

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    zoe (maandag, 31 december 2012 22:05)

    Happy New Year to you and yours. Hope 2013 is full if hope and love.

    I hope we shall gather again in 2013 ....

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    Monica Smith (dinsdag, 01 januari 2013 00:36)

    hope this years trip around the sun bring you happiness, creativity and lots of warm hugs.


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