farewell my sweet girlfriend...

I buried my sweet cat Zita this morning...

Zita was 14,5 years a member of our family.

She was sick since spring : problems with her kidnies and nothing to do about it. 

She still had a good summer and regained some weight after giving some special food, but the past 14 days she grew thinner and thinner... and the past days she hardly wanted to eat or drink...


Past week we knew she was dying, but as she still seemed happy, she still could purr when she was sleeping with me in my bed, we hoped she would die in her sleep at home.


We hoped she would make it until next saterday when my son Freek comes home after 4 months in Finland...


We never let her alone anymore, carried her upstairs in our bed cause she really was my "bed-cat" for years : always on the lookout to come with me when she saw me preparing for going to bed.


On fridaynight I wasn't home and my husband moved from our bed to the couch with Zita, cause she didn't want to stay in our bed. That was so sweet of him ! 


Yesterday she threw up blood.... We always have said we would let her go, but not in pain, so we went to the vet and put her asleep...

It feels so hard to let her go and we all feel such a missing in our home, even there are still 5 cats left...


We strolled throught our cat-photos from the past years...





Zita was born in the summer of july 1998.

When Freek came home from youthcamp there was a huge surprise for him : Hennie gave birth to 3 kittens : Red Zita and Tommie and Vlek.

We kept them all, but Tommie and Vlek didn't survive the busy road we live in. They were hardly 1 year old, but Red Zita stayed...

Her mom Hennie gave birth again and didn't take care of the one kitten Zea she had.

Amazingly Zita took over the role as a mom and even nursed Zea!


Zea was adopted and years later gave birth to Aureya.

We adopted Aureya in 2003 and Red Zita and Aureya became best friends.


Another example of how caring Zita was..

Black cat Helmer gave birth to 5 kittens. A week later Zita gave birth to 3 kittens... 

Because the feeding was hard for Helmer we put one of the kittens in Zita's nest... 

In the end the 8 kittens had two mothers... and when they were hungry they went to either Helmer or Zita.

On the right you see Zita with one of her own kittens and three of Helmers kittens ! 

Zita was such a gentle, sweet cat : no biting , no hissing, no stretching out her claws...


Maybe she wasn't the smartest cat we have... but she surely knew how to let the light shine on her :)

The wealth of cats...

The past 6 years we constantly have had six cats. This seems to be our number.

If we have more : something bad happens. If we have less... a cat arrives at our door...


Like all creatures, you have persons you like and others that are not your best friend..

Zita en Aureya were friends. You could often find them washing each other or sleeping very close.

Zita gave total confidence in us... showing her belly while sleeping.


When we were eating in the dining room, her favorite place was under the glasscabinet. Often she was waiting, lying on her back, belly uncovered and helding her frontfeet curved. 

She soooo looked like an orange seal then ! 

She had her habits...

  • waiting on the stairs when I prepared to go to bed, so she could surely accompagny me
  • jumping on the bed and asking attention to be crawled for awhile before she went to sleep herself. She stayed mostly the whole night until we get up the next morning.
  • when I was sewing with my sewing machine, she loved to sit close (because of the vibrations ? ) and when she wanted attention , she started biting in my sewingthread...
  • waiting patiently at the diningtable or if it took too long, miowing until she got her tray of milk every morning.
  • when she got the special package of food since spring, she always was so excited and miowed in a special way, she alarmed all the cats in our house. So we ended up giving them all something extra...
  • when I was in my veranda, being creative or on the computer : she was always around. Very close mostly, even in some inconvenient places with hardly some space to lie down, but she was there...
  • ...


I'll miss all her habits and her constant quiet presence...

After the vet gave the injection she died in my arms...


We put her to rest in one of her favorite positions and that's also how she was burried this morning in my garden.It just looks like she is sleeping...


Sweet Zita, 

I give you back to the earth...

In spring flowers will grow on you and you will bring joy again

A rock with your name will mark you place

you're not alone

you're in the same soil as several of our previous cats

Thanks for your sweet soul and compagny the past 14,5 years..

Miss you !! 




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  • #1

    teri f (zondag, 23 december 2012 18:42)

    So touching to read about your baby, and such a wonderful tribute to a life well lived. She sounds like an angel, and I know she already is one in heaven.

  • #2

    Monica (zondag, 23 december 2012 18:51)

    My condolences on the loss of your beloved Zita. May the belief in Rainbow Bridge bring you comfort. Hugs and Tears, Monica and The Herd

  • #3

    Donna (zondag, 23 december 2012 18:55)

    I am so sorry for your loss! Your post brought tears.
    My thoughts will be with you over the holiday season.

  • #4

    Michelle Aguilar (zondag, 23 december 2012 18:55)

    I am so very sorry you lost a dear member of your family I've had to do that so many times now with chickens and geese and turkeys and hamsters and cars and dogs it's just so sad you hang in there and keep your chin up

  • #5

    Jacki Bates (zondag, 23 december 2012 18:56)

    So sad but so sweet. My thoughts are with you.

  • #6

    Janine (zondag, 23 december 2012 18:57)

    What a sweet tribute to a constant loving member of the family. I’ve lost 2
    precious dogs this past year and they can never be replaced. The joy Zita
    brought to your life will always remain in your heart.

    Take care


  • #7

    susan salyer (zondag, 23 december 2012 19:14)

    oh i am heartbroken for you.you brought tears to my eyes.
    I hope you find happiness again soon..and I am a furr mom to a tuxedo cat named boo boo who i almost lost this year..and a thirteen year old pomeranian named shem..I would be lost with out them.Big hugs to you sweet friend.
    Love susan s.

  • #8

    julie leake (zondag, 23 december 2012 19:24)

    oh so sad and sweet, it is hard to let go of our children ...

  • #9

    Monica Smith (zondag, 23 december 2012 19:54)

    We also lost a beloved cat, Spunky, this year. we believe we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. He was such a lovely ginger cat. Lots of hugs and sweet thoughts.

  • #10

    Eileen (zondag, 23 december 2012 19:57)

    What a beautiful and touching tribute to a dear and faithful friend. Brought tears to my eyes and I am not much of a crier. My thoughts are with you.

  • #11

    Julie (zondag, 23 december 2012 20:06)

    Inge, I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious Zita. You wrote such a lovely tribute to her and I'm sure she loved you very much. I had to let my precious Bailey go last year and although it breaks your heart, there is no greater kindness you can show to your furbabies than to help them go when it's time so that they don't suffer. I hope your memories and the stories you've shared with us help you through the days ahead. {{{hugs}}}

  • #12

    pamicat (zondag, 23 december 2012 21:58)

    So sorry for the loss of your fur baby Zita. They take over our lives and hearts and add beutiful richness to the human existence. I have never lived in a house without cats and know how heart breaking it is to have to let them go. Zita surely had a very wonderful life in your homes and hearts.

  • #13

    Elena (zondag, 23 december 2012 22:46)

    Oh Inge!! What a beautiful stiry and what a beautiful cat! I have lost animals after having loved them for many years. It is very painful no mayter how many other animals you have. i am truly sorry for your loss.

  • #14

    Bethan (maandag, 24 december 2012 00:48)

    Dear Inge, so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Zita. Animals give such unconditional love and find places in our hearts that they will stay there forever. You write so beautifully about her, I have tears in my eyes. Much love x

  • #15

    Elaine Seip (maandag, 24 december 2012 01:12)

    My sympathies on your loss...I've lost furry family members too...My heart goes out to you at this time. She's no longer suffering....You will meet again at the 'Rainbow Bridge'

  • #16

    Martha (maandag, 24 december 2012 02:58)

    Inge, what a beautiful tribute to Zita. You did the right thing and I'm sure she told you it was her time. My heart aches for you and your family - cats are such wonderful companions and family members. Love and hugs.

  • #17

    Helen (maandag, 24 december 2012 03:25)

    What beautiful memories of your sweet Zita. My kitty also waits for me at bedtime. He also follows me to the bathroom. Zita sounds like she was an amazing girl, and I am so sad for your loss. Thank you for sharing her story with us.

  • #18

    andrea (maandag, 24 december 2012 04:12)

    i am so sorry for your loss. your tribute was beautiful.

  • #19

    Marjie Kemper (maandag, 24 december 2012 04:47)

    Inge, I am so sorry for your loss. Your tribute was so beautiful. Hugs, hon.

  • #20

    Cindy Pointe (maandag, 24 december 2012 04:55)

    Oh Inge, my heart breaks for you. It's never easy to part with our beloved pets. I lost my Millie in October. Like you I was with her at the end...holding her as the vet sent her on to Rainbow Bridge. I pray that the happy memories of Zita will help your heart heal. (((HUGS)))

  • #21

    Phoenix Ewing (maandag, 24 december 2012 05:15)

    Dear Inge, Thank you for sharing your love for Zita with us. What a beautiful life she had.

  • #22

    Julie Case (maandag, 24 december 2012 05:21)

    Inge, I'm so sorry you lost such a wonderful friend. My heart goes out to you, as I have lost a couple myself. Your tribute is so beautiful. Please accept my condolences.

  • #23

    Terrie (maandag, 24 december 2012 11:50)

    Oh Inge, I'm so sorry you lost such a beloved kitty. Your post is such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful kitty I cried for your loss.
    Hugs to you and your family.

  • #24

    Jocelyn (maandag, 24 december 2012 11:51)

    Oh so sorry for your loss. I loved her little Memorial on your blog. She
    looks a lot like my oldest daughter's cat Fitz.


  • #25

    Janine (maandag, 24 december 2012 11:53)

    What a sweet tribute to a constant loving member of the family. I’ve lost 2
    precious dogs this past year and they can never be replaced. The joy Zita
    brought to your life will always remain in your heart.

    Take care


    “Until one has loved an animal,
    part of one’s soul remains un-awakened.”
    Anatole France

  • #26

    Marita Kovalik (donderdag, 27 december 2012 08:17)

    So sorry for your loss,Inge.. What a beautiful tribute to such a beloved family member....

  • #27

    dorien Van holderbeke (vrijdag, 28 december 2012 21:12)

    Mijn gemoed schiet vol, Inge, zo een mooie hommage aan je poesje!Zo triest maar zo mooi. De tranen rollen over mijn wangen als ik dit typ. Rust zacht, lief poezebolleken.

  • #28

    Paula (maandag, 31 december 2012 20:16)

    Oh dearest Inge,
    I am so sad about you losing your beautiful angel cat! She wll live forver in your happy memories and in ours too now that we have read your very special tribute to your cat with the beautiful heart. She was indeed a very special member of your lovely family. Paula xx


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