flying out of the nest to Finland...

Freek is leaving home for at least 4 months...

Freek has studied political science for 4 years at the university and past year he started another 3 years of studies : social science this time.


Now in his second year he gets the opportunity to go studying in Helsinki in Finland for 4 months.


I've never been without one of my kids for sooooo long, but I didn't want to deny him this unique experience just because of me having it hard to part from my kids...

He's 23... so it's time I let him go on his own journeys... I had two little kids at his age...:)


I'm completely ok that he goes now. I just hate the moment of saying goodbye tomorrowmorning....


I bring him to the trainstation and he leaves with the train of 6 AM.

At 8.30 he's getting his aeroplane, first to Riga , then to Helsinki....


He's limited to bring much luggage, so I made him a small "cherishbox" to take with him on his journey.


It's made from a small metal mintbox.

I painted the outside with the Ranger vintaj inks which are permanent and will hopefully last a long time.


I stamped some postmarks, no not from Finland ( but I'll ask Freek to search for a Finnish rubber stamp) ...and a quote from Tim Holtz.


I cut out letters from an old book and glued them on a stamped tag : "koesterdoosje Finland" ( cherishbox Finland).


I embossed the label with UTEE to make this sturdier too.


In the box is an accordeonfolded little book with photos : family on one side, our six cats and our home on the other side.

I know young people are sometimes so busy with their life that they don't really miss home, although they are missed a lot at home...


I hope he cherish this little box in his temporarily new home in Helsinki.

I wish him an uncredible good journey there with lots of new friends and meeting with "old " online friends, an interesting study in Finnish ( he will learn Finnish ... but they also teach in English).


He will travel to places I've never been before : it seems they even go with the foreign students to Lapland ( will he find the real Santa Claus there ? ...) and he will probably spend some days in St-Petersburg in Russia...


Amazing what opportunities young people can get nowadays.

I wish him everything good...but especially a safe homecoming in a few months...



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    Jocelyn (zondag, 26 augustus 2012 17:46)

    Sweet box. You can be sure he'll think of home whenever he looks at it.

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    Karen (zondag, 26 augustus 2012 17:54)

    Lovely box - I'm sure he'll appreciate it, esp as time passes and he does feel a little homesick.
    Hope he has a great time: I'm envious of the opportunity he has!

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    Carol Clements (zondag, 26 augustus 2012 17:57)

    A lovely gift for him to take with him.

  • #4

    Eileen (zondag, 26 augustus 2012 18:31)

    It is beautiful and I'm sure he will appreciate it.

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    Mary-Beth (zondag, 26 augustus 2012 19:07)

    such a wonderful keepsake of home, Inge. And it sounds like ti's a great opportunity for our son also!

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    Robyn (zondag, 26 augustus 2012 20:38)

    Skype !

    Also know that your child belongs to the community of the world, and you gave him everything he needs to go out and do good for himself and the world.
    the universe cares for all her children. Mothers are just part of that care.
    I'll hold you and your family in the light during this time of transition.'/blessings,

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    Bethan (zondag, 26 augustus 2012 21:41)

    Inge what a lovely box you've made for Freek. Wish him Bon Voyage from me. Remember....he'll come back!!! ....they always do. Kids are like boomerangs!!! xx

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    Lisa H (zondag, 26 augustus 2012 23:00)

    Lovely! and what a good idea to make a home momento to send with him.

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    Paula (maandag, 27 augustus 2012 00:52)

    Dear Inge, This journey that Freek will take shows what a wonderful job your family have made of making him a confident and adenturous person and the beautiful box you have made for him will remind him all the time when he is away of what a special family he has waiting at home for him. May he have a wonderful adventure on this special trip and may you be brave lovely Inge. He will soon be home again. xx

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    Lee (maandag, 27 augustus 2012 06:51)

    Lovely Box,what a great idea!

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    Marjie Kemper (zaterdag, 01 september 2012 21:07)

    What a wonderful treasure book and box to send with Freek on his journey. I bet he will have those pictures out more than you can imagine. Such a great idea to send them with him. Love the tin, too!


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