vintage office supplies...

In the previous blogpost you could see in my make-over of my craftroom that I love vintage officesupplies...

I don't know where it started...Did I have some old inkbottles or did it started when I saw the nice inkbottles with calligraphyink which I "needed" all because they looked so nice...


Or was it when I found the oldprinterscabinet in a secondhandshop with all the little "boxes" where I could put something in...


Anyway... it is a little collection...After reorganizing the stuff in the printerscabinet I found out I had more cute cardboardboxes and blass bottles tucked away, but worthwhile to be displayed...

I've seen lots of configurationboxes made inspired by Tim Holtz and I know he has 4 different sizes of these.


I just hadn't any in my house and I doubted if all my stuff would suit or fit in his boxes.


I wanted to incorporate the glass bottles with varnish and the large box of Forticol ( an old glue..), so I started measuring everything and made a template of how big I wanted all the little segments.


I cut heavy cardboard and assembled the box. The outside was decorated with marbled paper I made myself in my first workshop in my house past year. Marbled papers are always nice and I liked especially these bold blues and greens which would suit my new-painted veranda.


The inside was decorated with vintage ledgerpaper, Italian paper with inkbottles printed on, dictionary paper,...

I used the method Tim explains in his second book a compendium of curiosities volume II",which is an quite easy way to decorate these boxes. Easier and faster  then what I learned in bookbinding...but with the tissuetape on the edges it looks finished too.



I used Tim Holtz boxcorners to finish the box off and make it sturdier.


Then began the fun part : filling all the boxes with the vintage office supplies.

It's incredible what you can find at fleamarkets : the red, green and black/red metals are tabs to put on files and I found a box full.


I had two wooden broken rulers to fit on the back.

On the left an enveloppe from refillings of BIC : this is a ballpointmark I still love to use.

A cardboard bookmark I picked up on a French fleamarket and 3 small containers with refills for compasses.

Two old bottles with varnish and on the right a little handmade book with a box filled with metal "arrows". These should have been used to attach on pages...On the box it says : "nouvelle attache-lettres".

Although I always get inky fingers, I still love to write with my fathers pen...

So when I find an old box with inkcartridges, I buy them : partly to use, partly to hoarder the nice boxes...


A box of vintage photocorners I got from a friend who's dad passed away at the age of 96... Part of my collection comes from this man, when his son cleared out his desk and put it all in a box for me cause he knew I wouldn't throw it away...



In that box I found also a little blue box with gorgeous blue drawing-pins ! 

On the left a little book about "penmanship" and a calligraphy pen, Italian ink I don't have the gutts to open and use and a glass cartridge of Watermanink, an ink I still use.


I also had two little vintage boxes with staples which I also put in the configuration box.


To "name" my box I wrote on my computer "bureaumateriaal" ("officesupplies") in the font "vintage typewriter" and printed it. I inked it up with distress ink to make it look older.


In my collection I also have vintage metal labeltabs... so I added the label here.


Now my "configurationbox" is finished and is part of my decoration in my craftroom. 

I love to see my collections and enjoy them.


Clearing everything out I also found old bandages, apothecarybottles, vintage injectionneedles.... I think I'm going to make another configurationbox : inspired by real vintage apothecarystuff and halloween...



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    Mary-Beth (zondag, 22 juli 2012 18:38)

    this is wonderful Inge, so many memories and so much fun!

  • #2

    Carol Clements (zondag, 22 juli 2012 20:37)

    I really like this. You have some amazing Vintage items. I have never seen one before with this theme and you have done it beautifully.

  • #3

    Bethan (zondag, 22 juli 2012 22:32)

    A wonderful project Inge!

  • #4

    Lisa H (maandag, 23 juli 2012 06:14)

    Lovely! I love vintage office supplies (and sewing supplies) too. =)

  • #5

    Nancy Walker (maandag, 23 juli 2012 22:26)

    Inge, with your wonderful creation, a configurations box finally makes sense to me! I love that you have taken things from your life that have meaning and incorporated them into a wonderful piece of art! It just never made much sense to me to just make a configurations box with some stuff you buy and put it all in, because it has a Halloween or Christmas or other theme. Yours will be something you can treasure since the things you used actually stimulate memories you can talk about with your family! Way to go! You may have inspired me to do something with all the golf junk I have…or even something else that matters in my life! Thanks for the inspiration!


  • #6

    Sandy North (dinsdag, 24 juli 2012 10:32)

    I loooooooooove your box. It is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I absolutely adore configuration boxes, yours is perfect!

  • #7

    Anna Ely (zondag, 21 oktober 2012 21:56)

    What a great collection! I love how you made your own configuration box to fit. I have lots of old sewing threads, needles, etc. Thinking I might have to do one to show them off! Thanks for the inspiration!


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