seadragons ! ....

Do you know that seadragons really exist ? 

I worked in Elena's evolutionjournal. Her journal started about mermaids, but instead of evolving from page to page into something completely different, the pages unfold a hidden world of the sea.


Valerie's page before me showed a sleeping king of the sea : Neptune.

Would they have pets in the seaworld ? I think so... A sea-king can't have a simple fish as pet, but what about seadragons ? 


Googling for images I found seadragons and believe it or not but these creatures really exist !! 

They are gorgeous and there are several varieties with different colors.

They look a bit like seahorses but their body seems to exist of seaweed.

I created a waterworld for these seasdragons by spritzing my papers with green and blue sprayinks.

Most sprayinks react with water ànd salt. In the middle of the pages I sprinkled seasalt on the wet pages to add more layers to the "water".

Just let it dry with the salt on it and then wipe the salt off. 


This is the left page where one of the seadragons is peeping from behind a waterplant.

On the right page a red seadragon is coming closer.

The images of the seadragons were downloaded from the internet, scaled and printed on canvaspaper. Then I have to carefully cut them out, trying not to cut off parts of their body...


The large waterplants are made with a stamp of Dyan Reavely. When I prepared the papers of the background I made them larger then needed. 

Now I could stamp the leaves with permanent ink on the left over pages so I immediately had a colored background.


I colored the leaves with different product : distress stain, Steward Gill paints and distress stickles.

The other plants on the pages were made with the same leftover paper. I like how not one of the "seaweed" looks the same.

The seaweed is actually the leaves of the "tattered pinecone" die of Tim Holtz.


I first diecut a piece of left over packaging paper with this die. To create a more layered background I used this selfmade stencil and inked through it with different distress inks overlapping each other.


Die cuts of the leaves were then adhered with glossy accents on top.


The colored large plants were mounted with 3D foam on the background to create more depth in the pages.


For the rest I haven't been creating a lot the past week.

It's was an emotional week with the funeral of 13 months old Boris, the marriage of a collegue, the missing of my daughter Gaia, who's at her boyfriends house for 2 weeks (!) and son Freek who's in London for a week making real  international contacts with people he often plays with on the internet...


But I have also done a lot !  My back is finally really approving after the second facetinfiltration and visits to a manual therapist. The combination has done wonders after having backpain for months...


I wanted to paint my veranda already for a very long time, but the backpain stood in the way.

Now I'm finished for 2/3... The green is changing in a "Turkish stoneblue"...

In the past I would have finished this in 2 days, but now I limit myself to do just parts of it so I don't overdo myself and it works :)


In the meantime while moving furniture, I'm cleaning what 's IN the closets... I think I have too much stuff, too much papers...

So inspired by "clean house", I have three boxes : keep and reorganize, trash and give away...


It does feel good ! 

I'll show you the result when I'm finished.



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  • #1

    Marita Kovalik (zondag, 08 juli 2012 20:21)

    Love your pages, Inge! You have created such depth...perfect for the sea! Love the seaweed!

    Keep taking care of your back!

  • #2

    susan salyer (zondag, 08 juli 2012 22:36)

    you are such a beautiful and amazing person. I just love you sea dragons and you spark for beauty fun and a flair of the never ending childhood awesome your blog and art is
    susan s.

  • #3

    Mary-Beth (maandag, 09 juli 2012 01:37)

    Inge, your pages are incredible! Love the images and fabulous texture you've achieved.

    I'm glad to hear your back is getting better.

  • #4

    Stephanie Rodgers (maandag, 09 juli 2012 03:15)

    Love these! Fantastic!

  • #5

    Stacy Cook (maandag, 09 juli 2012 14:31)

    Wonderful, colorful pages!

  • #6

    Dorly Weitzen (maandag, 09 juli 2012 17:43)

    Inge, the secrets of the sea are revealed here with all their beauty!
    Dorly Weitzen, Israel

  • #7

    Paula (maandag, 09 juli 2012 23:55)

    Inge I want to change into a mermaid and visit yur beautiful under sea world. These pages are so beautiful.

    Keep looking after your back, I am so happy it is feeling so much better, because we need you to be really well for our special get together treat. x

  • #8

    Tracy (woensdag, 11 juli 2012 21:25)

    beautiful pages.


  • #9

    Elena (woensdag, 11 juli 2012 21:26)

    Inga!! These pages are amazing!!! I can not wait to get this book back! It will be AMAZING!

  • #10

    Gina (zondag, 15 juli 2012 15:46)

    Inge, your sea-world artwork is phenomenal! Rich colors and so whimsical, too!
    These are some of favorite works of yours!!!!

  • #11

    Valerie (zondag, 15 juli 2012 15:47)

    What a perfect addition to Neptune's residence. I love the free form feel of the leafy seaweed and the colors are gorgeous.

  • #12

    ManuMamma (maandag, 16 juli 2012 07:42)

    Oh my....It amazing
    I'm a scuba diver and I love seadragons (I flew form Italy to Australian coral reef to see them!) and I can say that you pages are fabulous and soo realistic!!!
    I love the watercolors and the use of the tattered pine cone leaf as algae!!!
    Hugs and creativity form Italy


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