little, little toddler...

This week I worked in the last enveloppebook of our local round robin ! 

Katja's book was about children, music and childrenssongs...


I chose a very old Belgian song " klein klein kleutertje, wat doe je in de hof ? ..." (translation : "little, little todler what do you do in the garden ? You pick all the flowers. Oh, oh that's not good...)



The whole enveloppebook breaths happiness and joy of children and music.

That's why I wanted a bright colorful page too.


I sprayed the background with bright red and real green spraypaints and did the "ghost" technique of Dyan Reavely: after drying the sprayed background, spray through a stencil with water. The inks react with the water and a ghostly image of the stencil appear.


You have an instant great background to built further on.

On the left red background I made a "colorful "garden. I stamped with bold stamps on scrapbookpaper and cut them out. I added stems from scrapbookpaper too. I don't often do this, but the project asked for bold images.

I didn't want to add too much to the flowers so you could also see the backgroundflowers.


The little tag is inked with the brand new summer distress ink of Tim Holtz "mowed lawn". Gorgeous green color !!


The stamps are from two very famous childrenscharacters" Jip and Janneke".

The stories of the boy Jip and the girl Janneke are from the imagination of Annie M.G. Schmidt ( 1911-1995), a Dutch writer who wrote lots of poems and stories that are real heritage here in Belgium and the Netherlands.


The characters in her books or poems were mostly adventurous, not mainstream, clever and funny,...


Fiep Westendorp ( 1916-2004) was the illustrator who made Jip and Janneke immortal by her very own style of drawing.


I grew up with some of their characters, I read bednightstories for my children and the book of Jip and Janneke is in my memoriessuitcase for the day I once have grandchildren...


They are together with Pippi Longstocking still favorites of me...


I know they are precious for Katja too, so I used Jip and Janneke to be the naughty toddlers in the garden...


In every enveloppebook of our round robin I made a pop-up. 

This is the pop-up of a dancing Jip and Janneke in the garden while they are picking all the flowers...


I downloaded their images from the internet and resized them so they would fit in my "garden".


The garden was created by a green sprayed background with a flower stencil.

I stamped the leavesstamp of Dyan Reavely on top and colored the leaves with distress stains and a waterbrush.


Bold flowers were stamped again on scrapbookpaper and on selfmade paper and adhered with 3D foam on the background.


Jip and Janneke were mounted on tabs made from plastic packaging paper.

Jip and Janneke were dancing and had their feet lifted from the ground. To keep this sight the same, I used the clear tabs. 

They are a bit more rigid when you open and close the card, but I folded them several times so they became less rigid.


When I opened the card to reveal the pop-up the clear tabs, glued with real sticky glue, the tabs had the tendancy to come off the background.


The problem was solved when I added the two large tabs to get the fence moving. These took away some of the strength of pulling at the tabs.

I colored these tabes in red and green so they match the background and you can hardly see these tabs.


You need the tabs to let the pop-up "pop-up", but I don't want the tabs to be too prominently seen, so I try to disguise them by matching them with the background they are on.

The fence is an edgedie of Tim Holtz, cut out from scrapbookpaper and edged with the new summerdistress ink "salty ocean".


If you love bold colors, the new summer distress inks set is an must have...


On the photo above you see how the pop-up looks when opened and some more details of the pages.

The big tag that houses in the pocket on the right page has also flowers on it.


On one side I used an inked stencil from thecraftersworkshop in my Vagabond to give it some texture.

The green ink is the new distress ink "mowed lawn".


I added some bold flowers and colored them in with distress stain.


The back that has the reverse embossed image of the stencil was overinked with the mowed lawn ink. I used the leavesstamp of Dyan Reavely again, colored in with distress stains.


Some more flowerstamps i used on the pages were added here also.


I personally love the big contrast of the black images of Jip and Janneke and the bold contrast of the red and green.


I wish I could let Katja already see her book, but she has to wait until we come together with the participants of the local round robin...


Now this round robin has come to an end, I must work on the next project for them ànd find another project to put my pop-ups in! 



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  • #1

    Paula (maandag, 02 juli 2012 01:46)

    These are so beautiful and so bold Inge, they made me happy just to look at them. Paula x x Katja is going to love it!

  • #2

    Marita Kovalik (maandag, 02 juli 2012 07:56)

    What wonderful pages, Inge! I especially love the pop ups you are doing!

  • #3

    Bethan (maandag, 02 juli 2012 14:19)

    Absolutely brilliant !!!

  • #4

    Stacy Cook (maandag, 02 juli 2012 20:31)

    Love the bright colors and the pop ups. Makes me want to go out and play :)


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