the raven towerlady and the sea....

Two creative projects this week : one from my daughter I had a helping hand in and a roundrobinbook about the sea...

My daughter had a practical exam past tuesday. An important one in which she has to show her interpretation of the theme "towers".

She's in her last year at artschool and this project is an important project to show she's ready to graduate...


She had to make a workbook with lots of sketches of towers and photos of how her project evolved during the year.

She needed to make a 3-D project and she had to make a digital book of her project.


Above a page of her digital book. I love how she incorporated several of her drawings of towers in "hair".

Gaia's project was "the human as a tower". She wanted to elongate the human figure by clothing, schminking and high-towered hair.

She was also inspired by ravens and figures of old horror-movies.


We had a black mannequindoll without arms to start with. Searching on the internet we found a head with long hair she could use to make the "towered" hair.


With the help of her dad we were able to attach the head to the body...

The hair was made standing up by making braids in the hair with ironwire in them. 

The middlest part of the hair was made high by making knots with a comb.

 To add more body and tall hair, she dyed extensions black and made them hard by putting them into glue and letting them dry upside down...

Here you can see her busy making the rigid braids.

On the left the base for a collar made with feathers.

Here is the endresult of the hair... She sprayed the hair with glue and added black feathers and peacockfeathers.


The face was painted.


As the doll didn't have arms, we had a huge hunt on the internet, fleamarkets and second handshops to find some.

Thanks to my mom we finally find a complete mannequindoll a week before the exam... We celebrated the finding with a good cup of coffee and cake ! 


Gaia painted the arms, added feathers and long nails to elongate the body.


As we already had a way to attach to head to the first mannequindoll and the dress was custommade for this doll, we had to find a way to attach the heavy arms to this doll...


Heavy velcro did the trick ! 

Gaia drew the dress and I sewed it... 

One of the reasons I didn't blog past weekend, was the finishing of the dress and the fact that I had to be there for my daughter.

Do you know that : you are five minutes doing something and then you hear : " mom ?" LOL


This is the endresult ! 

Gaia had her exam and she passed! :)


I like the towerlady so she will decorate my home in the future...


Finishing this project lifted  a lot of stress of her and my shoulders.

This meant that I could create again for my own projects.

This is the last but one enveloppebook to work in.

Sandra's theme was about the sea and traveling.


This meant I could use my favorite blues and greens again.:)

I've been watching all the youtube videos with Dyan Reavely the past weeks so I wanted to try her technique.


This means lots of spraying with inks and water, using stencils to be sprayed through and using them to blot of the water on your page.

I love the results and the ghosting effect of the ink reacting with water.


My "words" die arrived also a week ago ! I was able to cut heavy cardboard with it without any problem. Love this worddie ! 

The letters were sprayed with the inksprays and selfmade glimmermist.

On the bottom of the flap on the right side of the page I created "the beach" by using several distress powders.


The stamp is from craftyindividuals.

I bought one of their stamps for my mom-in-law in a Dutch shop. She looked up the website of this compagny and asked me if I could order more stamps for her. I ended up buying a lot of them for myself too !!! 


You know every enveloppebook of this round robin got his pop-up element so here you have one again...

Stamps are from two sheets of oxfordimpressions. Another favorite stampcompagny of me...


Making the pop-ups is getting easier and easier as I know better what I have to pay attention to. I know that even after this project the pop-ups will "pop-up" in future projects ! 

The tags were made with the same "Dyan Reavely" technique.

The fish was stamped with white distress stain. I like how the white stain is not completely opaque.

I colored in some of the shells with the white distress stain too.


Another book finished ! This week the last book arrives.

This means I had to start thinking of a new project for a round robin ! 


As together with the worddie the little enveloppedie arrived, I got started on another enveloppebook. This one will house ATC's in them.


I'm busy making an "example" book for the participants so they can see how the project can be.

It's also a "just fun" project for me, adding decorated envelops and ATC's when I wish to create something. And it's about halloween...LOL


greetings from Belgium


Reactie schrijven

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  • #1

    Bethan (zondag, 17 juni 2012 13:46)

    Gaia obviously takes after her mother! She is very talented and deserved to pass her exams!

    Love your projects also Inge

  • #2

    Stacy cook (zondag, 17 juni 2012 13:58)

    Two truly amazing artists! Pleas tell you daughter I love the towers in the hair. And your pop ups are simply wonderful

  • #3

    Stephanie (zondag, 17 juni 2012 15:13)

    Just amazing! What a great project she made. Love the popups in the book and the pages you did.

  • #4

    Ivette (zondag, 17 juni 2012 18:28)

    Job well done by both you and your daughter Inge. I love the towerlady. Can I have her? ; ) Kidding, I'm really liking it.

  • #5

    Gina (zondag, 17 juni 2012 19:04)

    A+++++ for both you and your lovely daughter's artwork! She has so much talent, just like her mom. What does she plan to do with her art degree? You did a great job blogging about this long project of hers and I did enjoy seeing all the work that went into your deep sea pop up pages!
    Everyone go take a look!
    XXO Gina

  • #6

    Paula (maandag, 18 juni 2012 21:39)

    Such an amazing and complicated project that was so cleverly thought out. Gaia deserved to do really well with her wonderful work.
    Both of you are so talented Inge. I love your art in the sea book. My Mermaid book will arrive at your house soon.Soooo exciting!I cant wait to see what you do. xx


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