manly cards and more...

No post past week cause I was on a garden-craft-artevent having a booth...

No blogging about it because I forgot to take photos ! 


But here I'm again with some creations ! 

Making cards for men is not easy... not to say "difficult"...

For women you can choose any color, add flowers in all sizes as embellisments and go over the top as much as you want.


But I tried to make some for men...


I made several tags and mounted them with the easeldie so they can stand up.

One of my favorite techniques is inking a embossingfolder on one side and ran it through the Vagabond.

You immediately get a colored and textured background !


I added the "steampunk"bird from oxford impressions inked with rusty hinge distress ink, a piece of tissue tape, 2 bingonumbers, the quote " live now" and a photostamp on shrinkplastic.

On this tag I glued paper from an old mathbook on the tag and run it trough the clockembossingfolder. I love how the numbers of the text are repeated in the numbers of the clock.


The tag was inked with rusty hinge distress ink.


The tag needed a bit more color, so I added a left over piece from a clockdie. The clockdie was embossed with verdigris embossingpowder. I like the contrast of the "brown" tag with the blues of the clock.

I wanted to try this technique for a long while but I didn't have metal foil.

Maybe heavy aluminium wrapping foil from the kitchen could do the same ? 

I doubled a sheet of aluminium foil and glued it together to make it thicker.  I glued the aluminium on the tag and run it through the Vagabond.


Wow, the impression held perfectly and the aluminium didn't tear ! 

I painted over the tag with black gesso, let it dry a little bit and then wiped the gesso off again with a wet cloth.

The gesso stayed in the crevices and gave it a great weathered effect.

Why didn't I experimented this earlier ????


The clock die was embossed with verdigris embossing powder to have a contrast with the metal.


The rusty hinge on the tag makes the quote stand out more.

Another favorite technique : embossing with the stencils from the craftersworkshop ! The embossing is not so deep as with embossingfolders or the texture fades, but I love how it comes out when you ink the stencil before the embossing.


I overstamped with white distress stain and dried it immediately with my heat gun. If you wait too long the white stain seeps in the paper too much. Now it adds a ghostly image to the tag. 

I loved experimenting with different backgrounds on the tags and this was one I learned in the online card classes of Jennifer Mc Guire.

A large backgroundstamp was inked with embossing ink and "kissed" with a textstamp.

I then stamped the stamp on the paper and embossed with clear embossing ink.

The whole tag was then covered with the new "peacock" distress ink, a new favorite of me...

The manstamp was colored with distress stains and a watercolorbrush.


All the tags were a combination of blues and the rusty hinge color which go together well I think.


I also had to make a card for "one of my men" this week.


My eldest son became 23 years on the 25 th of May.

While I was already married and having a child at this age, he's still a student at the university and enjoys this studentlife !


"live the life you've imagined"... :)


A week before on the 18 th of May , my daughter Gaia became 19 ! 

So we had to celebrate twice this week ! 

On her card I used blues and pink, her favorite colors. She loves to wear these colors in her hair too :)


I also "took" one of her drawings and printed it on canvaspaper.

This is a drawing in which I recognize her... the colors, the haircut, the piercings, tattoos,...


I love to see how my kids grow up and choose their own path.

In some ways I recognize myself, in others they show they are making their life like they imagine it themselves. 


And that's how it has to be :)


Happy birthday sweet kids ! 



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    jocelyn (zondag, 27 mei 2012 19:38)

    Inge.. they turned out awesome. I love them. I actually had that TH
    folder set with the clock and gears in my hand the other day, but put it back
    because I have the sizzix version. But looking at it used in your project..
    I love it. Back to the store tomorrow. I also loved the little bits
    about your son and daughter. At first glance I wondered if you had drawn that
    picture of your daughter. She's a beautiful girl and a beautiful artist.

  • #2

    Emily (zondag, 27 mei 2012 19:40)

    Your work is fantastic Inge! You have posted some great pictures that are "manly" - and I agree it is more difficult to create for men. The new picture on the Group Home Page of ATT is another good example of a way to make a card for a man. I'm not sure whose work it is but it is very good. These photos prove that it isn't (or shouldn't be) that difficult if one just puts the right hat to speak.
    Thanks for posting.

  • #3

    Carol Clements (zondag, 27 mei 2012 20:12)

    I love your experiments.I have never heard of an easel die that is new to me.


  • #4

    Gisa-Maria (zondag, 27 mei 2012 20:15)

    I truly enjoyed your "manly" cards-as they always give me problems, when I try to make one of them. Thanks for the creative ideas. Love your commenta about your children choosing their own way in life.Your daughter seems to be an artist-her Mom's genes???-
    Thanks for sharing.
    Gisa-Maria from Germany (ATT member Europe and USA)

  • #5

    Dorothy McCrathy (zondag, 27 mei 2012 20:23)

    Wow!!! All are wonderful!!!

  • #6

    Retta (zondag, 27 mei 2012 21:17)

    Very manly and very artistic. Your daughter is beautiful too. You did a great job!

  • #7

    Mary Pendergrass (zondag, 27 mei 2012 21:19)

    The tags are just wonderful and so inspiring. Makes me want to go play with my stamps, inks and embossing folders. Thanks for the great ideas.

  • #8

    Kathy (zondag, 27 mei 2012 21:24)

    Dearest Inge,
    As always, your work speaks volumes for your creative eye, inventive spirit, and attention to detail. Your tutorials are so inspirational and allow all of us to feel as though, we too could have success with your shared techniques! I can't wait to be able to sign up for your first online class! Inge, you are a natural teacher.

    You have every right to be a proud Mamma; your son and daughther are beautiful spirits who have that spark for life just like their Mom. Please give them my best wishes for a year filled with endless possibilities and pure, creative joy!

    Inge, when last we spoke, you discussed a possible need for back surgery. Please keep me posted and know that I am holding you in my prayers.

    Much Love,
    Kathy (ATT Buddy)

  • #9

    Monica Smith (zondag, 27 mei 2012 21:39)

    How interesting to use foil in such a way. must give it a try
    Nice to see your kids grown and attaining their goals

  • #10

    Bethan (zondag, 27 mei 2012 21:48)

    Inge your cards are great with some fab ideas.
    you've got great looking kids!

  • #11

    Linda DesGroseilliers (zondag, 27 mei 2012 22:50)

    Inge, beautiful work! I love doing "manly" cards and usually find myself going to the clockworks and gears folders, stamps, dies, etc. I got some good stamps for men's cards at Crafty Individuals. They go well with my Tim things. You are obviously proud of your children and rightly so! You did beautiful work there, too!!!

  • #12

    Cindi (zondag, 27 mei 2012 23:12)

    Amazing work, Inge...and I love the mini -bios of your children. The cards you made for them are perfect and your daughter is very talented in art!

  • #13

    Paula (dinsdag, 29 mei 2012 02:47)

    Dear Inge, As usual your art is really beautiful. I find it difficult to make manly cards so it is great to see how you do it. I think your children are wonderful works of art too!x


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