recycled spinner cards...

In the ATT yahoo group the question of the week was " how do you recycle in your creations" ? 



I think half of the stuff most crafters use is recycled stuff. I cut up my cardboard boxes too, plastic packaging paper is for free and useable for lots of use, left over scraps of paper are reused for other projects..


I made some spinnercards past week in which I recycled too.


The start of the spinnercards were trading cards for children.

I don't know how this is in other countries but at some supermarkets here in Belgium, they give temporarely trading cards with a certain amount on your bill.


In the past my children collected them, especially the holographic cards were their favorites.

Now that they are adults, I mostly give the trading cards to the children of my neighbours.


A while ago they gave trading cards with Disney figures on...

Bambi, the gnomes of Snow White, Pinocchio, Dumbo... the figures of the old movies still speak to me. I thought they were so cute, so I selected some trading cards to keep for myself for " future use".


This week they finally came out of the "collecting box".

They would be perfect as the spinning element on a spinning card ! 

I love spinning cards, as I do with most mechanical cards.

When you tilt the card, the figure is spinning around until it stops at the end of the card. Then you tilt it again and it spins back to the front...


Every time I make such a card, I amuse myself playing with the spinning... The child in me, I guess...

Although there are wonderful paper stacks out in the creative world, I mostly make my background papers myself.


On most of these spinnercards I colored the white background with distress inks and the wrinkle free distress technique of Tim Holtz.


Perfect projects to practice the techniques Tim showed in his online card class " creative chemistry 101".


On the card with the owl of Bambi, I cut out the branch tree of Tim and mounted the owl on it.

I also cut the tree with foam and made a stamp with it.



The foam was inked with several distress stains and then stamped on the card.


(EDIT : it's been a while since I participated in Linda Ledbetters challenges (due to other creative projects...) but I still like her idea to get us creating using Tim Holtz techniques from his book Compendium of curiosities II.

Maybe an extra push to participate is that there is always a sponsor. Now it'sSimonsaysstamp, an online store I ordered from in the past.


Although I made this blogpost past sunday I would like to participate with the challenge with my "owl card" and the foamstamp made with Tim's treebranch die. This is just an extra use of his dies ! )


The wrinkle free distress technique is very easy to do but creates beautiful watercolored backgrounds. The fun part is also that it's never the same and you can add as many spots and drips as you like until you  pleased with the layered background.


On some of the cards I used the edge dies of Tim to add more interest to the element that makes the card spin.


I love the contrast between the crisp Disney image and the splattered background.

On these cards I used the marbled stains technique on the background and the shattered stains technique on the butterfly edge.


The marbled stains technique is again easy to do, but with a lot of different unexpected results.

Edges of the card are always colored with distress inks. On the background of the marbled stains you can always add more color with the distress inks too.



What's also nice about these technique is that you can use any colorcombinations you like.

On the first cards I wanted to create a " forest" feel so I used more browns, green, rusty hinge,...

On the card above I use blues and greens and yellows, to make the front pop up more and coordinate with the colorful butterflies.

It was the first time I used the shattered stains technique : a combination of crackle paint rock candy and distress stains.

I did the technique on recycled cardboard.

I colored the cardboard under the butterflies first with picket fence white distress stain and then added more distress stains.


You add again as many layers of colors as you like.

They make a colorful contrast with the distressed backgroundpaper.


I'm now working on a series of "Dumbo" circus spinner cards.

Background is again the marbled distress stains technique with some extra stamps.


It's fun to combine exploring techniques, recycling free images and left over cardboard to make these cards.



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  • #1

    Mary-Beth (zondag, 08 april 2012 14:04)

    Your spinner cards are so wonderfully creative Inge, I love them! Thank you for sharing!!

  • #2

    Kathy (zondag, 08 april 2012 14:46)

    Your cards are so unique and imaginative! I am sure that any child would be delighted to play with these cards, but I must agree with you; I want to be the child and play with these precious cards!

    Thank you for sharing!
    Kathy (from ATT Yahoo Group)

  • #3

    Ellen Brons (zondag, 08 april 2012 15:36)

    I love the cards and the way you combined it eith ztim's techniques!
    Keep on going girl! We want to see more of these

    XXX Ellen

  • #4

    Bethan (zondag, 08 april 2012 15:37)

    they are brilliant Inge!

  • #5

    Ann (zondag, 08 april 2012 15:39)

    Absolutely drop-dead gorgeous! Thanks for sharing...

  • #6

    kathy (zondag, 08 april 2012 15:41)

    Your cards are wonderful! Unfortunately, the supermarkets in Southern California, USA do not give special items like your Disney Cards. We usually get coupons for items that I probably will never use.

    Inge, when you said Spinner Cards, I imagined the cards from a game where it has a metal arrow attached to a piece of cardboard that you flick with your finger to move it and wherever the arrow stops, that spot gives you an instruction for the next thing to do in the game.

    Your Spinner Cards are magical, motion toys! I just love them!

    What do you attach to your character that allows him to move through the slot that you made in the card? Would you be willing to share a picture of the back of your card so that I could see the construction. I think your precise construction adds to the beauty of this toy.

    You need to send Tim Holtz a picture of how you applied the techniques from CC101. I think the kid inside of Tim would appreciate some play time too.

    Inge, this really looks like an item that I would see in one of the stores in The Disneyland Park and Resort.

    As I have said before, I so admire your art and your blog. Your are an incredible artist, and your work shows your love of life and color.

    Thank you so much for sharing,

  • #7

    Bea (zondag, 08 april 2012 17:02)

    Absolutely beautiful, Inge! I love the way you created the spinner pieces and the colors are so beautiful!

  • #8

    Monica Smith (zondag, 08 april 2012 18:23)

    Quite the most innovative use of Tim's class and products > Amazing It IS fantastic!

  • #9

    Karen (zondag, 08 april 2012 19:30)

    Gorgeous! Love all the pretty colours and forest feel.

  • #10

    Paula (zondag, 08 april 2012 23:49)

    You are amazing Inge. I LOVE these. They are fabulous!

  • #11

    Sharon (maandag, 09 april 2012 00:37)

    Your spinner cards are beautiful. I love all the colour schemes you used!

  • #12

    Paula (maandag, 09 april 2012 02:19)

    These are very cool and so fun! Your colors are stunning!

  • #13

    Edie (maandag, 09 april 2012 10:01)

    I love your spinner cards. Such creavitivity. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • #14

    Marjie Kemper (maandag, 09 april 2012 12:23)

    These are great cards! Love the way you've combined all those edge dies on them and the crackled b'flies are beautiful.

  • #15

    Dorly Weitzen (donderdag, 12 april 2012 09:26)

    Inge, great cards and useful recycling.
    I liked the owl, and the crackled butterflies look amazing!
    Dorly Weitzen, Israel

  • #16

    Linda Ledbetter (maandag, 16 april 2012 03:05)

    Inge, it's wonderful to see you and to admire your always-amazing art! I love your take on the CC2C technique and am delighted that you've joined in! I hope to see you again next week!!!

  • #17

    Victoria Sturdevant (maandag, 16 april 2012 07:07)


  • #18

    Stephen (maandag, 16 april 2012 18:36)

    Amazing!!!! I have never seen one if these.

  • #19

    Sophie Newton (woensdag, 18 april 2012 21:46)

    Fabulous cards, what a great technique
    Sophie x


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