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Days go so fast... I missed making a blogpost last weekend, but here I'm again ! 


I worked in two roundrobinjournals the past weeks both with an " in the woods theme".


First book is from our local round robin group and I had to work on two pages in an eveloppebook and on a small and a large tag.


Sometimes it's funny how you get ideas to make a project.


I had several ideas for this "in the woods" book : it could be about fairies or gnomes or little rabbits... ( the owner of the book Rita is very fond of Peter Rabbit from Beatrix potter).


Then we got a local magazine in which they promoted childrensbooks because it was childrensbooksweek in the library.

On the front page was an image from a childrensbook that immediatly attracted me.

What if I created a " letter forest"? Several animals in the woods, letters, books,...





I first made a transfer of the image of the magazine with gelmedium and then started creating around it.


I colored my background with distress stains and  added texture with the fernstencil of the craftersworkshop and gelmedium.

When this was dry, I inked over and around the gelmediumferns with a darker green distress ink. 

This made the texture pop up so you can see the ferns better.


For the tree I embossed text with white embossing powder and inked over it with distress stains and distress ink.

I cut the treeshape with Tim Holtz treedie.


The little tag that's in the pocket on the left page was made with selfmade blue glimmermist. I stamped a tree on it ( tattered angels stamp) and added an image on vellum I found on the wrapping of a book I purchased. Yes, more animals and more trees... These are "the lucky finds" during a project.

Under the flap with the transferred image is again.... a pop-up..

My pop-up madness is still not over... I think I will make a pop-up in every enveloppebook I still have to work in...


Because Rita is so fond of Peter Rabbit I wanted to incorporate him in the project. Peter is maybe more a countryfarmrabbit, but he's sometimes a naughty rabbit, so I can guess he will end up in the woods too...


I made a pop-up with an image of Peter Rabbit, again the treedie of Tim Holtz, stamps of an owl, a squirrel and mushrooms.

I colored them in with the distress stains and a waterbrush.


Cause it's a "letterforest" there should also be a book...


I teared pages out from an old French dictionary with images of animals and made them in a little book with the pamphlet stitch. Outside of the book was made with leftovers of the paper I used to cut the tree out.



The big tag that's in the pocket on the right side, was colored with blue distress stains.


I then colored one of the tree stencils of the craftersworkshop with brown distress stain and run it through my Vagabond with a heavier sandwich of different plates and foam.


The tree was de-bossed in the tag and the brown makes the image stand out. Because of the distress stain who are more wet then distress ink, it colored not evenly and bleeded here and there.

I love the effect and I thought it didn't need more embellishments or images. I just like it how it turned out.


Another project was Bethan's tunnelbook of our European round robin.

In her book two friends ( two dogs) come in the woods and what did they see ?...

Ellen from the Netherlands made them see two fairies chatting about something...


I continued the story with... " a child, a human child in our woods... Is she lost ? " 

What's so nice about the tunnelbooks is the story that continues, but most of all the tunneleffect that is created. Everyone lets something peep out of the hole in the book.

On the left you can see already the tunnel appear and how the different items on each page are layered.



On the top of the photo you see the left and the right page.

With a left over of the paper I made for the first journal, I cut out branches with the edgedie.


I added some pink roses made with a stamp of Michele Ward. A little sparkle was added with distress rock candy stickles.


Background was made again with distress stains, spritzing with blue and green glimmermists and texture of the ferns made with the stencil and gelmedium.


Because I liked the background as it is, I didn't add much extra : just the branches with the roses and the little girl.

The pink on the roses on the left and the pink in the girls dress give something extra to the green pages.

On the green background I de-bossed the tree image ( stencil from craftersworkshop).

I placed them where I knew they would overlap the hole in the page.


With a craftknife I cut a part of  the background and the hole out.

Branches of the trees will be seen in the tunnel. I colored the back of them darkbrown so they look good at the other pages too.


When everything was done, I glued the pages to the cardboard of the tunnelbook. 


Bethan's book is already on the travel to France !



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    Karen (zondag, 18 maart 2012 17:04)

    I have already received Bethan's book and now I have the hard work of following your pages :)
    I'm glad you explained the stencilled gel medium because I wondered how you got the texture.
    Fabulous work Inge!

  • #2

    Linda ( aka the artful doodler (zondag, 18 maart 2012 22:19)

    Beautiful work, Inge! I love it all but especially that tag with the tree stencil. Now I'll have to order that stencil!!!
    TFS -
    Linda (aka The Artful Doodler )

  • #3

    Paula (zondag, 18 maart 2012 23:35)

    Soooooo fab Inge! as always. Love the effect of the tree on the tag xx

  • #4

    Terrie (maandag, 19 maart 2012 20:56)

    Beautiful Inge! I love how you debossed the tree stencil using Distress Stains - absolutely brilliant! I love the idea of an altered tunnel book round robin - a great variation on a theme!


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