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About a month ago I recieved from Valerie from our Artistic evolutions journal group the dimensions for two evolutionjournals.



In the journal of Ali, Valerie ended up with a man in an aeroplane and the quote : "those magnificent men in their flying machines." Valerie is a steampunkqueen and I had to evolve from her awesome steampunkpage.


Cause that's what the evolutionjournals are all about : evolving from the previous page the person did before you, getting inspired by their creation, taking one element of their page... and evolve from there.


I was inspired by the "flying machines" and thought of the several gorgeous balloons and zeppelins I had from 3 sheets of stamps of Oxford impressions.


I stamped lots of gears, steampunkmachines,.. from the same stampsheets in a random collage on my white backgroundpaper with permanent ink.


I sprayed with inks in several blues and let it dry.

I glued a blue tissuepaper on top and crinckled it,so there were wrinkels in the paper.

The backgroundstamps and blue sprays still peek through the paper.

I let the background dry under heavy books so the tissuepaper adhered good to the backgroundpaper as did the wrinkels.


Then I brushed melted wax on the paper until the whole pages were covered and the wax soaked in the paper.

I then melted the wax off again, but the wax that's in the paper, doesn't come out of it again. This gives the paper a leathery feeling.


I stamped several airballoons and a clownchild on white backgroundpaper with permanent black ink. Because the white was too white, I colored it with old paper distress stains.


The coloring was done with copic markers. I don't have a lot yet, just 3 shades of my favorite colors and with these I go already a long way :)


The different images were adhered with 3 D foam in different thicknesses so there was more depth created.


I stamped the quote : " in every man a real child is hidden that wants to play" with black ink on a white diecut and embossed it three times with UTEE.

When the UTEE was cooled down I cracked the UTEE.

One of the features of the evolution journals are the edges. The journal pages don't have the same width every time and when everyone adds a special edge to the right page, you can see the different edges of the pages. 


I can't show you here, cause I don't have the journals in my hand... Because of the costs of sending the books to the USA, I just make my pages and send them to Valerie, who tips them in the right journal.


The child on my pages has the airballoons, zeppelins, steampunkmachine in his hands with strings , just like a child holds a balloon.


If a kid could have such balloons as toys, I guess that would feel like a party.

So, I made an orange banner with the stamps of Michelle Ward.


I set green eyelets in the page and added the banner with string to the page.

I love that they move....just like a banner does outside by the wind...


The second evolution journal is Jenn's. Valeries page was her interpretation of Andy Warhol and a pink Marilynn Monroe.


I was stuck for a while: how could I evolve...

Then I remembered the photo of Marilynn with her famous dress...


It's all about the right dress... not ?  

I have the problem that I love bold colors and patterns and cause I'm a "handfull" of woman, I rarely find a dress that I like in the shops. Mostly I come home frustrated because I couldn't find a dress that I liked or if I liked it , that  suited me well...


So, after the past sales and the dissappointments I had again, I took my sewing machine and made myself three dresses in fabrics that I love and in a pattern that flatters my size...

Happy again :)


I used a paper from an old book of 1896 ( "revue de la famille") with all kind of dress patterns in of clothes they wore that time.


I added some stamps about sewing ( mostly from Oxford impressions) on the background with permanent black ink.


Then I waxed the paper again as I did in the previous journal. Something happened that I didn't expected.

The paper became translucent ! This means that the printing on the back of the paper started to showing through and added an extra layer of depth on my page ! 


I made diecuts, stamped them with a lacestamp and added vintage buttons of my stash.


The "quote" was printed with my printer, sealed with spray and then "enameled" with three layers of UTEE.


I didn't have pink trim, so I colored a white one with pink distress stain.After drying I overstamped the trim with a lace border.

The "buttoncards" were inspired by the new stuff of French General I saw on youtube from CHA.


Behind the stamped buttons on the right, you can see the text from front and backside of the paper that appears when the paper is waxed.

This is my edge of my page. I used an edgedie of Tim Holtz, flipped it over to the back and glued it down. The little pink stars were created by doing this.


Another favorite thing to do is make my own embellishments. I used vintage white/cream buttons and stamped on them with pink stazon and my lacestamps. They are not washproof but they fit perfect in a journal ! 


This week the journalpages leave Belgium to the USA. 

Time to work on other projects ! 



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    Stephen (zondag, 04 maart 2012 18:40)

    Fantastic as always. You are such an inspiration to me.

  • #2

    Paula (zondag, 04 maart 2012 20:05)

    This is wonderful Inge! Love it all.x

  • #3

    marita kovalik (maandag, 05 maart 2012 04:28)

    Great pages for our evolution journals, Inge! I especially like your evolution in Jen's! Great idea to focus on the dress!!!!
    And after reading the description of how you created Ali's background, I sure wish I could see your pages in person, but alas, I have already worked in Ali's book... Oh well, I guess I will just have to be happy with reading and seeing pictures.
    Great work, Inge!

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    Nikie Hughes (dinsdag, 06 maart 2012 12:52)

    You as always rock!

  • #5

    Marjie Kemper (dinsdag, 06 maart 2012 14:29)

    Your pages are fabulous, Inge. I love all the layers to them and your fantastic edges... the banners add so much edge to the edge!

  • #6

    Dorly Weitzen (dinsdag, 06 maart 2012 15:08)

    Inge, I love the steampunk pages - they are stunning!
    Dorly Weitzen, Israel


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